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This, the most valuable of all commodities, can be saved in many areas. At CS we are able to turn a proposal round very quickly due to our ability to identify the most appropriate lender for every proposal.

The lenders we work with also prioritise our proposals as we are one of the biggest commercial brokers in Ireland and want us to keep referring them business!


At CS Finance we have relationships with all the main ‘High Street’ banks & building societies but we also work with lesser known sub-prime lenders, development funders and private lending consortiums.

We also hold exclusive broker arrangements with several specialist lenders who will only deal via us in Northern Ireland.


Our team are experts in presenting and packaging an application on behalf of their clients, in a format that will greatly enhance the chances of securing finance.

In most cases, we will also attend meetings between our client and the funder in order to smooth the process of securing the funds.

Contingent Fees

Unlike some brokers, our pre-agreed fee is only payable once the deal is agreed, so we will remain on hand to assist with any delays with the process through to legal completion.

Again, unlike most brokers, we operate on a ‘No Foal No Fee’ basis – if we cannot source you finance, you pay us nothing. Our fee structure is highly transparent and heavily success-driven.

CS Finance may also receive commissions from the lenders. This amount can vary and will be disclosed upfront as part of the fee agreement.

Preferential Rates

Using our relationships with the funders we are able to negotiate preferential rates for our clients, which, in many cases, can more than offset the cost of our fee.

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