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How We Work

We will meet with you to discuss your objectives, requirements and expectations. We will also ask you to provide the key financial information about your business / proposal. From here we can give you an early indication of what may be achievable.  If we can’t help we will explain why.

If we believe we can help, we explain all of the fees and costs involved and provide you with our terms of business for your consideration and acceptance. We can also usually summarise the expected outcome based on the information and assumptions with which we’ve been provided at this stage

Once instructed, our Team gather the information & documentation required to prepare a summary proposal. We then use our vast knowledge of the finance industry, along with our extensive list of contacts, to seek out the best lender for your circumstances.

CS Finance then negotiate directly with those lenders to achieve the most best rates, fees, loan to value and terms & conditions.

Once the preferred lender has been selected we will guide you through the lender’s specific internal processes.  This may include a face-to-face meeting, completion of that lender’s application forms or the provision of additional information e.g. copies of bank statements.  At some point a professional valuation may also be required and solicitors instructed: CS Finance will guide you through this process, managing the appropriate parts for you.

Our role with Financial Services London, once the offer has been accepted, is to marshal all parties and influence a quick and efficient completion. Once the offer has been agreed, our role is to act as a facilitator for all parties, to ensure a smooth, quick and efficient completion.