Need a loan to buy a property or refinance an existing property?

Then you’ve come to the right place: At CS Finance we have over 100 years of combined Commercial lending experience working with all the leading High Street Banks as well as more bespoke Lenders.

Traditionally, sourcing the right finance can be a complicated and time consuming process. With so many lenders available, it is almost impossible to be sure the rate you accept is the best the market can offer.

At CS Finance we provide:

  • Attention to detail – we ensure your application is not only fully completed but holds as much relevant detail as possible to highlight your strengths and give you the greatest possibility of success.
  • Fastest possible turnaround – we have a dedicated team tasked with the sole objective to getting your application approved and completed as quickly as possible.
  • All types of commercial mortgages undertaken – lenders can be very picky about what they choose to finance. We know exactly which lenders to target in order to save you time and money.
  • Picking the right package for you – as independent brokers we offer packages that are right for you and your business, rather than favouring any particular banks or lenders.
  • Exclusive deals – due to our industry knowledge and strong business relationship we are often able to access better deals than you would be offered if you approached the lender directly.

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