At CS Finance we offer a specialised service for individuals and businesses in financial distress – whether you’re a sole trader or a multinational corporation, we can undertake a no obligation review of your circumstances and offer a strategy on how to proceed:

Options include:

Commercial Debt Settlement

Many Customers, particularly those involved in the Property sector in past 10 years, they find themselves with debt that they have no way of repaying and are being threatened with legal action being commenced against them. CS Finance can offer a light at the end of the tunnel.

Over the past few years we have managed to negotiate numerous debt write-offs for our Customers, ranging from thousands to millions of pounds (and Euro) – All settlements are underpinned by a comprehensive legal agreements which include full and final settlements to Bank. As long as the terms of the agreement are adhered to (including non-disclosure agreements) the Bank have no further recourse to the Customer.

Debt restructuring

For other Customers, their level of debt is appropriate however the current term / margin is not, resulting in missed payments and arrears.

At CS Finance we offer a service wherein we undertake a comprehensive business review, including submission of a report to the Bank – Negotiations take place with the Bank to restructure the debt on more appropriate terms.

Debt Refinance

The final scenario is where the appropriate strategy is to ‘right size’ the debt – i.e. the debt is reduced to a more manageable level with the asset supporting the debt to be sold or refinanced within a set period of time.

Often this is the optimal scenario and CS Finance are able to use our Commercial Property expertise to arrange the refinance of the asset.

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