Case Study – Bridging Finance

For:                            Refinance of a Residential Investment Property Portfolio
Location:                  Belfast, N. Ireland
Amount:                   £1,200,000

Our Customer has a large investment property portfolio of over 40 properties in Belfast that he was requested to refinance by his Bank.

Due to pressure from the Bank to repay the debt, the only available option was to arrange a ‘bridging’ loan to expedite the refinance and avoid legal action being commenced.

CS Finance were able to arrange a ‘Bridging’ loan of £1,200,000 for a x12 month period through a UK based Lender that we have an exclusive Broker agreement with for Northern Ireland.

The facility of £1,200,000 was agreed at 70% loan-to- value at a margin of 1.4% per month.

Once the loan completed, we then had a period of x12 months to arrange the refinance of the portfolio onto more competitive Buy-To-Let facilities.

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